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skiving tool
hydraulic hose after crimping 2
skiving tool
hydraulic hose after crimping 2

S60 Hydraulic Hose Internal and External Skiving Machine Portable

HF-S60 is a skiving machine mainly designed for high demanding hydraulic hose crimping. HF-S60 is a portable machine which can be mounted on the table and easy to move. S60 can do both internal and external skiving.

  • Both internal and external skiving.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Optional internal skiving sets can be customized.
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HF-S60 Technical
             HF-S60 Skiving Machine
Max.Cutting   2 inch


Voltage 12V/24V DC
Motor  400 W
Tools 10 sets for external skiving
Dimensions (mm )   530*570*460 mm
Total Weight (kg)   30 kg

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